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Might be a bad plan

on June 22, 2012

Both Thomas and Reba are shameless food thieves. Reba’s so slick that she routinely makes hot dogs disappear without anyone noticing. (She’s also made cookies disappear, resulting in frantic calls to the vet and Googling how much chocolate is toxic to a 60-pound dog.)

Tonight, Thomas decided, as he often does, that dry kibble was unsatisfactory when we had chicken. He hopped up onto the stove and knocked down a piece of chicken, which Reba zoomed in and gobbled up.  I picture the conversation going something like this:

Reba:  Thank you for the chicken, kitty cat! You’re the bestest!

Tom: Stupid dog.

Us: Hysterical laughter when we realize Thomas has been had

Tom: Stupid humans.

Somehow, I don’t see her viewing the cat as a source of chicken as being likely to get Reba to leave Thomas alone. (It would be funny to watch her bounce and dance and play bow to the cat, if it didn’t piss him off so much. And if there weren’t chasing involved. But we keep separating them, and keep working on her “leave it.”)


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