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Reba the Crash Puppy

on June 27, 2012

Reba, our current foster dog, is affectionately known as Crashy. She runs into things. Kind of a lot. Like the time she was playing chase with a smaller dog at the dog park. He ran under the bench; she ran into it headfirst. She does zoomies up and down the hall and around the living room, and we’ve learned not to put anything fragile on a TV tray because it doesn’t stand a chance.

Apparently it’s hard being a young dog with all speed and no brakes. Or steering. Especially on a hardwood floor. On hardwood, Reba runs in place for a second or two, like a cartoon character, before she takes off.

Fortunately for the Crash Dog, we just fenced the yard in. It’s plastic mesh, so it wouldn’t actually keep her contained unsupervised, but it gives us a chance to take her out and let her run around. Doggie daycare is also amazingly useful for getting the zoomies out.

So, here are lots of pictures of Reba running and playing. It’s kind of what she does best. And, at the end, the result of all that running and playing, where she crashes on the couch and snores.


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