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Adoption Day and a Mini-Makeover

on July 14, 2012

Today’s an adoption day, and our girl Reba is getting a bit of a makeover in hopes of finding her forever home. As you can (kind of) see above, she’s currently sporting a silver collar with spiders on it. She has the matching harness, and it looks pretty sharp. But as nice as it is, spiders don’t exactly scream “Cute, cuddly, and loveable.” Her previous owner really loved all things goth, but for mainstream appeal, we thought something softer and sweeter was in order. Especially for a pittie, who people assume is a “tough” dog, spiders just send the wrong message.

So, we ordered a new harness and collar from Lupine, in Plum Blossom.

Incidentally, Lupine makes really nice stuff, and they replace their products free, for life, even if they get chewed on.

I’m hoping that Reba’s new “pretty in pink” look will help her win the hearts of potential adopters. She also got a bath yesterday, so she’s nice and clean too.


2 responses to “Adoption Day and a Mini-Makeover

  1. She’s so sweet! We adopted a rescue dog (again) recently. They really do make the best pets. It’s as if they realize they’ve been given a 2nd chance. I hope Reba finds a home!

    • KellyK says:

      Aww, thank you! We did have one family interested in her. (The mom and son totally fell in love; they just need to go home and convince Dad that a third dog is a good idea.)

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