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Success! Reba Passes CGC

on July 15, 2012

Today, we took Reba for her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test, and she passed!

The test took place at the Humane Society. It was raining buckets, so we did most of the test inside. It was a really distracting environment, with a puppy in a crate in the corner, people occasionally coming and going, and another dog we could hear barking from the next room.

Despite all that, Reba did really well. We could tell she was very tempted to jump up during the “sit for petting” portion of the test, but she held back.  And she did the sit, down, and 20-foot stay beautifully.

The part we were the most concerned about was the “supervised separation,” where you leave the dog with the test evaluator and go out of sight for three minutes. Reba hates it when Matt leaves, so this was definitely going to be her biggest challenge.  We heard her whimpering, and we thought we were done, but she passed!  The rule is that the dog fails if they make noise for 15 seconds (whining, barking, etc.). Reba would whine for a few seconds and stop, so she was within the criteria.  Hey, if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s working the system!

The only thing she had to do over was the loose-leash walking. Between tons of smells and the fact that it started raining again, her focus was completely shot. But she did it inside without a problem. This was another concern area, because she tends to get pully when she’s distracted, and is distracted by all kinds of things.

When we got home from the test, we gave her a pork chop to celebrate. Way to go, Reba!


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