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Lots of Dog Pictures

on July 22, 2012

My last two posts have been serious, and lacking in cute dog pictures or silliness. And while serious and thinky is good, it needs to be balanced with happy and goofy, so I’m going to remedy that now.

To start off with, this is Reba at an adoption day, showing off her new pink harness and collar. You can see from how loose it is that it needs a little adjustment. She definitely got more attention than at previous adoption days, and I like the way the bright pink pops against her light-colored fur.

Here’s Reba, performing her crazy puppy dance.  I’m not sure if she’s scratching her back or just full of energy and goofiness, but it’s hilarious to watch. We’re even working on putting it on a cue so she’ll do it on command–you know, when we have plenty of open space and nothing for her to knock over. This dance is highly hazardous to things like TV trays with full cans of soda on them.

And here we have Reba giving me a paw. She knows that if she does a couple of commands, she’ll get to play with that ball again. (Reba likes toys even more than she likes treats, and she likes treats a lot.)

Diamond and Reba, hanging out at doggie daycare.

Diamond, the dog, and Haley, the cat, cuddled up together on a dog bed

This is one of my favorites of Diamond, all snuggled up to Haley. When we got Diamond as a puppy, Thomas was incensed, but Haley decided that she was a large, funny-looking cat who should be groomed, cuddled, and played with. Their favorite game was “sniff the belly,” where Haley flipped over on her back and Diamond would try to sniff her belly and get her nose back out before Haley bopped her.


4 responses to “Lots of Dog Pictures

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