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Tracey v. Solesky Petition

on August 26, 2012

The Maryland Court of Appeals recently defined all “pit bulls” as “inherently dangerous” and declared that not only owners, but landlords who allow “pit bulls” on their property would be strictly liable if the dog injures someone. So, as predicted, this resulted in a flood of landlords telling people to get rid of their dogs or move out, and an influx of dogs into Maryland shelters.

There was a bill to address this during the special session, but the House added a ton of amendments that the Senate didn’t like, and it went nowhere. So, now every renter with a pit bull, or a dog that vaguely looks like a pit bull, is in a precarious position until January, the next session of the state House and Senate.

The good news is that the governor can, if he chooses, put the ruling on hold with an executive order. That’s where this petition comes in.

Maryland residents, please check this out and consider signing. There are tons of dog owners across the state who have to choose between their dogs and their homes because of this ruling.


One response to “Tracey v. Solesky Petition

  1. It doesn’t only punish responsible owners, but additionally add to already overcrowded pet shelters which usually basically end up killing the dog.

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