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Vicious Pit Bull Kisses

The awesome husband and I went on a mini-vacation with my parents, and our friends were kind enough to house-sit for us. While we were away, I got the message, “Everything is okay, but I have an amusing story to tell you about Reba and a police officer. She made a new friend”

Dude wait what? So I had two or three days of picturing them getting pulled over for speeding and Reba crawling out the window to lick the cop’s face, or Reba and a police dog having an epic tug of war in the middle of Petco.

What actually happened was this. Alex was walking Reba, and she decided to nudge him in the back of the knee, knocking him over. (I find this kind of worrisome, to be honest, and we need to work with her on not pulling crap like that.)

Anyway, since he was on the ground, of course Reba decided he needed his face licked and proceeds to give him a million kisses.

So, a police officer driving by sees a guy on the ground, probably shielding his face, with a dog on top of him. When he gets close enough to realize that this is not a savage mauling but an over-exuberant goofball face-licking dog, he just stands there looking amused. Alex shoves Reba off, the officer says, “I take it this *isn’t* a dog attack.” and ends up petting Reba for a bit. She, of course, sucks up the attention, because in her mind, everyone should love the Reba.

Yep, that’s our girl, causing chaos and making friends wherever she goes.

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