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Golden Shar-Pittie

on October 30, 2012

It sort of got lost in the excitement of Reba getting adopted, but we got genetic tests done on Diamond and she is apparently about equal parts Chinese Shar-Pei, Golden Retriever, and American Staffordshre Terrier. The other quarter is random mutt. I’ve decided that makes her a Golden Shar-Pittie.

Matt and I laughed our heads off at the “Golden Retriever” bit. In the time we’ve had her, Diamond has fetched a ball exactly once, from a distance of about two feet. When I threw the ball again, she looked at the ball, looked at me as if to say, “Guess you didn’t want it, then,” and wandered off. And goldens are people dogs. Diamond is so very much not a people dog. She’s okay with people she’s gotten to know, or new people in small doses (particularly if they have treats),

I find it amusing that she actually does have “pit bull” in her, since the whole reason I started reading up on pit bulls and got into fostering with a rescue group that works largely with pit bulls was that a lot of people thought she looked like a pit mix of some sort. We had expected her to be more shar-pei than anything else, though.

Of course, all of this assumes that the results of a genetic test are valid, and a lot of things I’ve read suggest that the science is not exactly rock-solid yet. But it’s a better answer to “What kind of dog is that?” than a complete guess.



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