Puppy Goes Zoom

Dogs, cats, randomness–my adventures in pet ownership and fostering

Meet Tyson

Our current foster dog is Tyson, a ten-month-old pit mix with a really gorgeous brindle and big ears. We got a genetic test done (which I’m going to do for all of our fosters as long as Maryland continues to pretend that there’s something “inherently dangerous” about pit bulls, particularly when the ruling only applies to “purebred” pit bulls), and he’s supposedly 75% American Staffordshre Terrier and 25% Tibetan Mastiff, which left me wondering where he got those ears. Apparently some pitties do have ears that stick up, though it’s not what I’ve usually seen.

Tyson standing

I stole ’em. From Batman. Cuz I’m fierce.

He’s shy and slow to warm up to new people and situations. Men, particularly men in hats, are scary, as are little bitty dogs like chihuahuas and pomeranians. He was cruising around daycare in typical zoomy fashion when he almost ran over a little pom. Who barked at him and chased him for daring to invade his personal space. But in general, he very much likes other dogs.

Hey Diamond

Hey…whatcha doin?

Especially Diamond, who he seems to have totally fallen in l0ve with. Unfortunately, he thinks the way to a girl’s heart is by chewing on her ears. Yeah, Romeo he’s not. But Diamond seems to like him too and they run around together at Countryside a bunch.